A Matter of Days.

I was recently asked about the website Reasons to Believe found on my Jumps page. It prompted me to draw attention to it and to a great book written by the organization’s president, Dr. Hugh Ross. The book is available from Reasons.org and from Amazon.com.

Hugh Ross talks on the words of scripture in the Genesis account of creation and compares them to the physical evidence found in nature. Surprisingly (or not so surprisingly) when you take an honest look at each they don’t disagree!? But why would they? As a scientifically minded engineer I was rather appalled at myself for having avoided these questions in my own mind for as long as I did. I should be beaten. Anyways… I don’t want to get too much into a raging soapbox soliloquy here so I’ll leave you with two key points of the book.

God created the universe and gave us His Word. Therefore, no contradiction exists between science and Biblical theology except by human misunderstanding or misinterpretation.

If taught that a young universe is the Bible’s clear message, many seekers and nonbelievers will conclude, under the barrage of compelling scientific evidence for the universe’s antiquity, that the Bible must be accepted on a purely subjective, nonfactual basis.

I highly recommend this book to any Christ-follower who wants to have any relevance in their school or workplace. Before reading this book I did not know the ancient Hebrew word for ‘day’. ;-)

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