Cool Chords

It has occurred to me that I really haven’t expounded on much directly concerning guitar playing. Let me remedy that right now. Every guitarist is looking for cool chords… they may be brand new or oldies-but-goodies… they may be simple or excruciatingly complex… but they are cool. Here’s a couple to chew on that have very similar fingerings. Key into what the B note adds to the voicings when you strum the second string open. If you’re really good you can find songs that use one or the other of these chords.

        o o                  o o
===========          ===========
| | | | | |          1 | | | | |  
-----------          -----------
1 | | | | |          | | | 2 | | 
-----------          -----------
| | | 2 | |          | 3 4 | | | 
-----------          -----------
| 3 4 | | |          | | | | | | 
-----------          -----------

 F#7(add4)           Fmaj7(add-5)

Ok, doing chords in ASCII can be quite a challenge. Let me ask a general question. Is it better to notate a chord as I did above… or like this, F#7add4 [2 4 4 3 0 0]? This second way is shorter and much easier to spit out… but it is not a good visual representation and lacks the suggested finger usage.

Speaking of ASCII chords there’s a huge repository of them over at

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