Remember Why You’re Free

Cemetery with rosesToday is Memorial Day in the US. A day when we remember those who have given their lives in service this great nation.

This day is not “just another day”. Many will tritely dismiss this as an unnecessary formality. Many will claim that they can “honor the fallen” any day they wish and choosing a particular day doesn’t make it more real. I respect that remembering the sacrifices of our servicemen and women can be an “everyday” affair… but in the hustle and bustle of our personal rat races it helps to have a special day set aside.

This sounds cliché, but most folks don’t know how lucky they are to live in a free country like the United States. Indeed, being born here is akin to winning the cosmic lottery. This country, filled with wealth and opportunity, was forged by courage and washed in the blood of the brave. We should never take for granted what was paid for at so dear a price, lest we lose it.

So today, I’ll remember why I’m free to type whatever I want here on my blog without fear of state-sponsored beatings and reprisals. I will probably pause when my eye catches the waving of one of the many American flags flying today. Perhaps I’ll even have the privilege of hearing the Star-Spangled Banner. I say “privilege” because that’s what it is… it’s a rare jewel to have a national anthem sincerely representing one’s hard-fought freedom.

And, yes, I question the patriotism of all the cynical fools who would besmirch the flag of this nation, or what it stands for. I have family and friends who have given their lives to defend the flag, and I will gladly hit Google Maps to help someone navigate from the US to a place that flies a flag they like better.

Not only is today Memorial Day, but May is National Military Appreciation month. May 19 was Armed Forces Day. May 23 was National Military Spouse Day. I suggest honoring the fallen by also honoring those serving right now, and their families… and here’s a few easy online ways how:
Sponsor care packages // Send some coffee // Send a letter // Support the USO

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