My Guitarsenal

guitarsenal (gi-’tär-s&n-&l) n. – the selection of axes at one’s disposal when it comes time to throw down some sonic mayhem; typically does not possess a forseen upper limit in size.

While I’m on the topic (and since I just introduced everyone to a new word) I figured I might as well add some pictures of my personal weaponry to my gallery. They are also featured below for your clicking convenience.

carvin dc400This first one is my main axe right now… a Carvin DC400 with neck-through maple, mahogany sides, and a Wilkinson Tremolo. The fretboard is ebony with abalone inlays and stainless steel frets. It has an active/passive pickup system and the most gorgeous sunset burst finish on a quilted maple top that I have ever seen. The action is perfect… I’ve never played a better guitar (to include many an over-priced showroom model).

ibanez rg customThe next guitar has been a trusted friend for a long time. This is an Ibanez USA Custom RG-series model with rosewood fretboard, Floyd Rose bridge (with locking nut), and a beautifully deep red finish. The pickups are, from neck to bridge, Dimarzio PAF Pro, Joe Barden S Deluxe, and Dimarzio Tone Zone. For me, Dimarzio makes the best electric pickups… no question… and I just noticed that their entire website is done with Adobe Flash… how cool is that!

taylor 410ceAnd finally, in the category of best performance without electricity, is my Taylor. Taylor guitars are just wonderful instruments with rich acoustic sound. My Taylor 410ce (circa 2002) is a wonderful sidekick that is just fun to pick up and strum. These are quality instruments and have a distinctive, gently aggressive sound.

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