websiteSome of you, especially those of you who know me but can never remember my blog’s web address [Hey Mildred... I forget if it's Negative Thirty-Nine or if it's Sedative Ninety-Five?], get to my blog using which I had set to redirect to Negative99. Well, this will still work, but alas, there is now an official that is its own site. *cues the trumpets*

I wanted a light, clean, very simple page to be a good address for a business card or something of that nature. If I were to attempt commerce I would want to provide a crispy and poignant front, rather than immediately inundating a newbie with my literary missiles.

I used Macromedia Flash (which is famous here on Fridays) to do the main menu interface. I got the idea of the shifting boxes from an example I saw on… and I forget the author but I’ll find out and give him credit.

The new site is painfully simple and pithy, but I’d still be interested in knowing what people think. ;-)

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