I take my iron with football and wings.

lifting weightsSometimes, after a good workout at the gym, I wonder why I ever leave that place. It’s an experience of holistic medicinal quality to the red-blooded, meat-eating male.

Anyways, take today… I started by watching a little Giants/Lions football and sucking down some hot Buffalo wings (one of God’s gifts to Men – ranking up there with air and water). With the sound of butting helmets still in my ears, and Frank’s Red Hot coursing through my veins, I went to my local gym. There, I lifted some iron (my back-bicep-shoulder routine) while watching more football on the multiple TV screens in the free weight area. Something about watching sports can really get the testosterone going… it’s just a better workout that way. Hit one muscle group until it’s dead… then hit another related group until it’s dead… then another. After about a half hour I reached muscle failure in all my target groups, so I moved from the room of iron to the room of cardio-contraptions. I hopped on an elliptical machine – equipped with cable TV – and promptly turned on… wait for it… football! Thirty minutes of nasty sweat production while flipping between Steelers/Jets and Cowboys/Redskins. I can already sense the amino acids from the formerly Cayenne-kissed poultry-protein rebuilding my muscle tissue. Nice.

Take a quick shower and I feel like a million bucks, and my iron-lifting had successfully removed any calorie-guilt carried over from bleu-cheese-lifting. I was left in just the perfect state-of-mind for watching the Patriots continue their reign of dominance.

:-) I have to say it was a good day.

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