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Fetchr4SSP v1.4 // Combining Flickr and SlideShowPro for Photo Gallery Goodness!

Fetchr4SSP logoFetchr4SSP(TM) is a Fetchr(TM)-based PHP script that will fetch photos from Flickr to display as albums inside the awesome gallery software SlideShowPro!

  • Allows you to fetch all of your Flickr photosets as albums inside your gallery
  • Allows you to fetch any Flickr user’s public photosets, recent photos, “favorites”, and/or “most interesting” photos (according to Flickr) and load them as albums inside your gallery
  • Allows you to fetch an album of photos from a Flickr group
  • Allows you to fetch an album of photos filtered by specific tags
  • Allows you to fetch photos at any resolution that Flickr supports
  • Allows you to fetch both public AND private Flickr photos that you have READ access
  • Allows you to fetch photo descriptions from Flickr to use as photo captions inside your gallery
  • Allows manual and programmatic refreshing of your XML images file, or your entire cache of Flickr API calls

The final result is a Flickr photo gallery wrapped in a premiere Flash-based slideshow interface that is delightful to your web visitors.

Visit the official Fetchr4SSP homepage!


This project started for me just trying to finagle my own way of getting all my Flickr photos organized into album photosets and all available in an easy-to-use interface on one of my WordPress-driven websites. A tall order… but I knew it was doable. After fumbling with some WordPress plugins and such, nothing really worked smoothly enough. A Flash solution was needed, so purchased a license for SlideShowPro (SSP) and I couldn’t be happier! :-)

The next task was putting together a PHP script that would build the complex XML needed to properly load all my Flickr photos organized into photosets into SSP. I tried an existing one with some success, but it lacked a few vital functions I needed… and it wouldn’t handle certain SSP abilities. Soooo, I coded my own. And after some polishing decided to put together a sharp website to peddle my fine creation to the masses. :-)

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