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I’m thinking of starting a tradition. Flash Fridays! Is it because it’s a catchy hook? Is it simply the pleasant consonantal murmur of alliteration? Is it symbolic of the connotations Friday carries… fun, freedom, recreation? If you were thinking any of those questions… then you need help (like me). :-)

So, without further ado (or adieu if my employer was printing it on some apparel), let us begin this meaningless tradition. Today’s Flash game is called Poom. Just keep the ball up in the air and collect coins on the bounce. Sounds easy. :-) And yes, I think technically “Poom” is considered ::answers(“onomatopoeia”,”onomatopoeia”)::. If you enjoyed this Flash game you found here please visit the creator’s website and pay homage, which I think is GotUsed.com if you can believe that one.

placeholder for flash movie

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