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Bible with Obama warning stickerMy friend Stephen Hayford from APACNY just posted the article below. It turns out our Christian *cough* friends *cough* at (a trash site of false doctrine and neo-spiritualism wrapped in a shiny evangelical-looking package who proudly represent the insanely un-Christ-like religious and political left) have no bounds to their hypocrisy. I read their mission statement and it does not even mention Christ?! …it just blathers on about social justice and community. What community!? Hitler had community, too! Idiots.

This is why I can so easily hate the religious left with a purely righteous-ish hate… because their pompous hypocrisy mirrors their political cohorts’ with such an accurate emulation that when squinting I can scarcely tell Brian McClaren and Rob Bell from Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Their ilk salivate at the chance to point their pot-stained fingers at the least savory portions of fundamentalism and decry the Bible-thumping-ness of that fringy lot… and then in the NEXT BREATH proceed to emulate every behavior and prejudice they just condemned. *sigh*

Rather than go to here are a few better ports-of-call for the masses out there:

Without further delay here is the great article from APACNY:

Rev. Jim Wallis–the head of Sojourners, and an icon of the religious left–has verbally assaulted Sarah Palin today on the Sojourners blog known as “God’s Politics,” and has actually questioned the authenticity of her Christian faith.

The blog has a code of conduct for participants that includes the following rules:

I will express myself with civility, courtesy, and respect for every member of the Sojourners online community, especially toward those with whom I disagree—even if I feel disrespected by them. (Romans 12:17-21)

I will express my disagreements with other community members’ ideas without insulting, mocking, or slandering them personally. (Matthew 5:22)

I will not exaggerate others’ beliefs nor make unfounded prejudicial assumptions based on labels, categories, or stereotypes. I will always extend the benefit of the doubt. (Ephesians 4:29)

Apparently, this language does not apply to the blog’s founder–at least not when he is talking about Governor Palin. See Here is a telling excerpt from Rev. Wallis’ remarks:

Sarah, you’re the one who is acting in an ‘’evil” way. After listening to your policy pronouncements during the campaign, many Americans decided, generously, that you weren’t ready yet for high political office. Others thought you just weren’t very smart. But this statement last week really does clear up the question for me. You are speaking like a demagogue in the worst tradition of those who knowingly distort and deceive, for their own political purposes. You want to stoke people’s worst fears and then, hopefully, they will look to someone like you to be their leader. You’re not stupid after all.

Please don’t invoke your “Christian faith” anymore and embarrass the people of God even further. May your efforts to scare Americans during this important debate fail. May your political future also fail, and may your star fall as fast as it rose just a few months ago — because we now know who you really are.

What, you may ask, did Sarah Palin do to arouse the ire of Rev. Wallis and to cause him to question her Christian faith? She did something that appears, in leftist circles, to have become the unpardonable sin: Raising objections to President Obama’s nightmarish “health care reform” proposal. (See and Here is what Governor Palin said:

The America I know and love is not one in which my parents or my baby with Down Syndrome will have to stand in front of Obama’s “death panel” so his bureaucrats can decide, based on a subjective judgment of their “level of productivity in society,” whether they are worthy of health care. Such a system is downright evil.

To be fair, Govenor Palin’s comment about standing before a “death panel” is a bit hyperbolic. However, Governor Palin’s concern about the euthanasia-related implications of the President’s health care proposal is quite well-founded–especially in light of heartbreaking recent news from Oregon (see Her concern is also shared by various pro-life organizations, including the Family Research Council.

While I am tempted to “fire back” at Rev. Wallis, let’s instead pray that he would change his ways and reverse the errant path his organization has taken. Let’s pray for Sarah Palin, too, as she and her family have been treated viciously over the past several months. And finally, let’s continue to pray against the President’s “health care reform” proposal.

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  1. Posted August 16, 2009 at 9:08 pm | Permalink

    um, I think that the death panels have been discredited Steve. Isn’t your saying you “hate” the Soujourners no different from what Wallis said about Palin??? I liked her at first, but the more that came out about her, the less I did.
    I think the same sort of stuff is going on now, only it’s being done by private profit driven insurance companies. Unless of course you have the cash to pay out of pocket. There’s plenty of rationing going on. It’s just if you have the bucks it doesn’t touch you. And as Christians we are supposed to care about those who have less. I used to think it was “their own fault” and for some it is. But for some it isn’t: a lot of people are really only one auto accident or serious disease diagnosis away from losing everything they have. People who work hard at their jobs and are responsible.
    I think you are guilty of the very same thing: that daring to AGREE with some form of government run health care must put one’s salvation in question.
    No offense Steve: we still love ya!!

  2. John3Sobieski
    Posted August 17, 2009 at 3:27 pm | Permalink

    No, the same kind of health care rationing is not going on in the private sector. Health insurance works by paying in every month, and if something happens to you that is covered, then the insurance has to cover it. The same will not be true of the government.

    My mom is the perfect example. Back before I was born, she had Hodgekin’s Disease. All I know is that it is some kind of cancer. A few years ago, my mom got breast cancer. Having a previous cancer drastically increases the possibility of mom having the cancer come back. With government rationing, she would not have recieved treatment for the second cancer because of mere statistics.

    Thanks be to God, my mom’s cancer has been in recession for three or four years now.

  3. John3Sobieski
    Posted August 17, 2009 at 3:39 pm | Permalink

    Hmm… that last comment of mine would probably fit in with the healthcare debate elseware on this site.

    One thing I forgot to say is that the left is not held to the standards of honor they hold the right to. If somebody ran a campaign against Sotomayor (or however you spell the reverse sexist/racist’s name) the way they’re beating up on Sarah Palin, they would be respected as an evil, sexist, hate-mongering, nazi, yada yada yada. The double standard is extraordinary, and from this snippet I can see that Sojourners helps the double standard exist, grow, and fester. A very unChristian thing to do.

  4. Posted August 19, 2009 at 7:02 pm | Permalink

    I think I was using “hate” in a tongue-in-cheek-ish way… because I know it torques lefties. :-)

    Oh yes, as Christians we are to care for those in need… and that’s why I’m so opposed to the government taking money from Christians and giving to others in other-than-Jesus’-name. I “hate” how Palin, and really anyone deemed to be “conservative” becomes the whipping boy/gal for the religious left.

    You should read some of the junk on their website… pretty bad. Next I think I’m going to call out

  5. Sophie Brooke
    Posted January 4, 2010 at 6:51 pm | Permalink

    sorry if this is the wrong place to ask – but I was just wondering what template you are using for this blog? I really love the design. Keep up the good writing :)

  6. c l lee md
    Posted January 31, 2010 at 7:25 am | Permalink

    Liz comments seem rooted in a realistic appraisal of the situation. Yes rationing is going on. The most chilling idea of which the public is not aware comes out of the private medical sector (which by the way is about as much a “free market” as the banking or automobile industry having been manipulated by government for almost a century).

    The concept to which I am referring is “pay for performance” (PFP) In basic terms this is how it works: Insurance (or the government programs-remember they are bed partners) pays the hospital for having good statistics of patient care. Meanwhile other factors fueled by the understandable concept of wanting high quality and good results are militating for the concentration of the attack on difficult and dangerous conditions such as pancreatic and esophageal cancer and major trauma into major centers.

    Now it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that if I am a surgeon paid by the major center and a physician from out in the boonies.. lets say Wasilla Alaska and I am working in the big referral center… Anchorage perhaps or Juneau calls me up with a difficult case of pancreatic cancer I am incentivized to take it if the patient is healthy otherwise and has good insurance. BUT WHAT IF the patient is pretty sick and likely to have post op complications…. maybe even die…. or worse for the hospital … stay a long time and consume a lot of resources…. and what if on top of that the patient is on Medicare….. what difference you ask?

    Well Medicare utilizes what is known as “prospective payment” in which the hospital (my employer) gets paid by the diagnosis (you have probably heard the term DRG -diagnosis related group.

    For the diagnosis “pancreatic cancer” the hospital will be compensated a lump sum. If the patient gets well quickly and goes home soon the hospital’s bottom line is happy. But if the patient has complications… and the hospital has to use a lot of supplies and expensive medications to treat the patient…. NOT VERY GOOD FOR THE BOTTOM LINE!

    PFP takes this a step further. If the patient has complications or dies this is recorded as a statistic by the hospital’s own “performance improvement” personnel and this contributes to the hospital’s receiving less payment… or maybe the insurer refuses to pay for patients with pancreatic cancer to go there at all.

    NOTE you Christians or for that matter anyone other religion or non religion… this happened under the aegis of the Republicans!

    All this “death panel ” stuff is already going on today. Every hospital has an “ethics committee” even the tiny rural hospital where I practice in third world Louisiana.

    SO…. back to Liz comment. Yes Sarah Palin and nearly everyone on the “religious right” have a tendency to politicize moral issues and so does the Sojourner’s organization.

    In a society where we attempt to settle religious/moral differences with ballots rather than bullets (as was done in Spain in the late 1930s, and is currently going on all accross the Islamic world) it is difficult to resist the temptation to resort to political means.

    This may not be necessary. All goodChristian conservatives need to rise to the challange thrown down by Cal Thomas syndicated columnist titled ” Relgious Right Rest in Peace” after the most recent presidential election in which he makes the point that laws don’t change peoples hearts but adherence to the teaching of Jesus Christ does.

    John Sobieski’s comments strike home since I am a 19 year survivor of Hodgkin lymphoma just waiting for the second cancer to strike. John’s mother falls into a well recognized group of patients. Its well known that prior irradiation of the chest for cancers in youth places the patient at risk for cancers in this area… breast particularly but also lung and esophagus. The chemotherapy predisposes to a somewhat higher risk of other malignancies such as leukemia.

    As a physician I recognize all this. As a Christian I can read St Paul “if this life is all there is we (believers) are most of all to be pitied.

    Whether rationing occurs via government dictum or market forces (and again, not having either total government health care or an unimpeded free market it is difficult to separate the two) or… as was done in the “good old days” by deliberation between patient family and doctor… we all come down to the “last things” death judgement heaven hell.

    Hopefully caregivers such as myself who wish to obey God will join together and provide care as best we can despite all the roadblocks and obstacles ahead.

    C. L. Lee, MD, FACS

  7. Posted January 31, 2010 at 3:36 pm | Permalink

    @C. L. Lee

    Thank you very much for your insights. I will think on what you’ve said. I do know that I’m skeptical of most of how the Medicare scheme is laid out and plays out, as I am also HIGHly skeptical of performance-based measures, as they fail to recognize the medical folks who take on the tougher cases.

  8. Posted March 18, 2013 at 5:04 pm | Permalink

    I really seem to go along with every thing that was composed throughout “Sojourners.
    com – NOT a Christ-honoring website

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  13. Zappy
    Posted April 28, 2014 at 9:20 pm | Permalink

    Sojourners is a garbage website, and one big incoherent relativist self-refuting mess.

    Case in point, a dumb article called “It’s NOT a Sin to Change Your Beliefs”

    I couldn’t believe what I was reading, total meaningless feel-good garbage. I mean heck, is it a sin to change your belief that “it’s not a sin to change your beliefs”?

    But more to the point in refuting that article;

    John 3:18 He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.

    Rom. 14:23 But he who doubts is condemned if he eats, because he does not eat from faith; for whatever is not from faith is sin.


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