Email Obfuscation

On the blogging front, I completed my Contact page and learned a little about ways to obfuscate my email address from annoying spam-bots. A rudimentary web search will yield mucho hits on protecting yourself from spam scum. Here are three that represented common ways to skin this donkey.

This article,, shows how to use CSS to obscure an email address that needs to appear in the body of HTML text on your page. This takes minimal work but won’t help you if you need to hide a mailto: call inside a link tag.

This article here,, provides a small utility that will convert your entire email link and display to ASCII coded characters. While this is not 100% foolproof it does stop almost all current spam-bots.

The best method came from here,, where another web utility will create a javascript function for you with your email address encrypted using a public/private key combo internal to your webpage. This is VERY strong and very clever… and no spam-bot can touch you. This is the method I used to do my email addresses on my Contact page… can you find them in the source? (Good luck… I even used different primes to create separate key combos for each one)

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